Staten Island Ballet Academy for any skill level and age

Registration for Summer Camp is open. We are now offering Hip-Hop and Contemporary classes.

Tickets to Christmas Party on December 18 are now on sale.

Group Sessions

Group ballet lessons focus on the classical elements of movement, posture, and weight transfer while learning these moves with other students.

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Private Lessons

Personal ballet lessons offer one-on-one individually designed dance sessions that perfectly fit your needs and skill level.

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Summer Camp

Our ballet day camp is open from 9:00am to 5:00pm and offers fun activities for children as well as entertaining dance lessons.

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About Us

Ballet is not only a beautiful career. For children, this is primarily health and harmonious development of their bodies. Nowadays, when our children spend many hours sitting in front of computers and other gadgets, they develop scoliosis, kyphosis, lordosis, flat feet and many other health problems. Ballet classes are the best solution for a child's health. Symmetrical work of all muscles, cardio training, discipline, at the same time strength and tenderness - all of this is cultivated and improved under supervision and guidance of our experienced ballet teacher and choreographer.

At our Staten Island Lesko Ballet Academy, we understand that not everyone chooses ballet as their profession. We want all our students to develop harmoniously. It is number one goal of our school. And for those students who want to achieve professional results in ballet, we offer a unique combination of methods from the best ballet schools in the world: the basics of classical dance by Vaganova, English strength and stability as well as French technique. We give a solid foundation of different techniques and styles should our students choose a career in ballet. At our ballet academy every child (whether it is a boy or a girl) will find what he needs. We take an individual approach to each student based on their skill level and capability of learning.

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