Staten Island Ballet Academy for any skill level and age.

We won 2023 Best of Staten Island Award in Ballet category!

Group Sessions

Group ballet lessons focus on the classical elements of movement, posture, and weight transfer while learning these moves with other students.

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Private Lessons

Personal ballet lessons offer one-on-one individually designed dance sessions that perfectly fit your needs and skill level.

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Summer Camp

Our ballet day camp is open from 9:00am to 5:00pm and offers fun activities for children as well as entertaining dance lessons.

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About Us

Ballet is more than just a graceful art form; it's a gateway to promoting a child's healthy, harmonious physical development. With so many children today spending countless hours glued to screens and electronics, it's no surprise that conditions such as scoliosis, kyphosis, lordosis, and flat feet are becoming increasingly prevalent. The solution lies in enrolling children in ballet classes, where they can benefit from a symmetrical workout of all muscle groups, cardiovascular training, and a structured yet nurturing environment. Under the guidance of our experienced ballet teacher and choreographer, children will not only cultivate their physical strength and flexibility, but also their discipline and artistic sensibility.

Within the enchanting realm of the Lesko Ballet Academy on Staten Island, a profound understanding takes root—ballet is not solely reserved for those who yearn to make it their life's calling. Our philosophy is rooted in fostering holistic development for all our students, placing it at the forefront of our educational journey. Nurturing harmonious growth becomes our paramount objective, serving as the guiding light that illuminates every facet of our school.

For those students with aspirations of attaining professional heights in the realm of ballet, we offer a rare amalgamation of methods drawn from the most esteemed ballet schools across the globe. Building upon the bedrock of Vaganova's classical dance, we infuse the English principles of strength and stability, seamlessly interwoven with the grace of the French technique. Thus, we bestow upon our students a solid foundation, embracing diverse techniques and styles that will empower them should they choose to embark upon a ballet career.

Our ballet academy is a haven where every child, regardless of gender, will discover the realm that resonates with their essence. Through a personalized and tailored approach, we honor the individuality of each student, crafting an educational journey that caters to their unique skill level and capacity for learning. With unwavering devotion, we guide their graceful footsteps, igniting the spark of passion within their hearts and fostering their untapped potential.

Encompassing more than the ethereal art of ballet, our esteemed Staten Island Ballet Academy unfurls its vibrant tapestry of offerings. We understand the intrinsic value of exposing young minds to a multitude of dance styles and cultures, transcending the boundaries of tradition to foster a spirit of exploration and artistic expression. From the pulsating rhythms of hip-hop to the fluid movements of contemporary dance, we extend an invitation to our students to embark on a remarkable odyssey where their passions can thrive.

Step into our world, where the harmonious symphony of growth flourishes, and the dreams of aspiring dancers take flight amidst the tutelage of our seasoned instructors. Together, we embark on an extraordinary voyage, where every child's aspirations find fertile ground to blossom, and the transformative power of dance reveals its radiant splendor.

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